Friday, December 4, 2009

The Pittsburgh celebrity experience

Look - we all remember Sienna Miller's batshit tantrum after a bouncer at some bar didn't recognize her.

But since that whole fiasco (which resulted in a shitty movie based on a great book), there has been something about the city of Pittsburgh that makes celebrities happy, and not in the quaint way that little towns with antique shops make your parents happy. It's actually becoming a cool city, and one in which departing celebrities have plenty of good things to say.

Then, there are people like Jake Gyllenhaal, who loved his stay here so much that he got a Steelers tramp stamp.
It was so good, in fact, that he left with a Steelers logo tattooed on his lower back, which he showed to the audience to great applause. Whether it was temporary or permanent only he and his tattoo artist really know.
He's been a Patriots fan, but came to love the Steelers, too, he said. He attended two games while here, and also talked about eating Primanti sandwiches and accepting a Terrible Towel from a fan.
Perhaps, as film expenses rise in traditional movie cities, more celebrities are drawn here and much more frequently. It certainly doesn't help that, in light of what has been going on in the rest of country economics-wise, Pittsburgh is kind-of enjoying a Renaissance of sorts. Either way, between President Obama's obsession with Pamela's pancakes, the aforementioned tramp stamp and Russel Crowe's respect for Pittsburgh sports fans, that Pittsburgh is a lot like Hansel - we're pretty hot right now.

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