Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reason #3,467,210 the Pensblog is greater than you...

As 2009 works its way to the end, the world finds itself looking back upon this year. NPR has started the always epic Year in Music series. Google is attempting to suck you farther into their grasp with a new way to look at their site everyday until that big, shiny ball drops. Mar has started his list of ways to roofie that chick you've been eying up on Carson Street, and even the Pensblog has found a way to celebrate. Of course, they have to out-do the rest of the world and show us damn near a decade's worth of happy-go-lucky moments.

The geniuses who run that site have taken the time to compile what they feel are the top Pittsburgh Penguins moments of 2000-2009. Go watch these videos now.

If at least half of those don't send chills down your spine you're not human.

*Author's note: Nice use of Don't Dream It's Over in the first video.*

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