Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stay Classy DC Police

As the DC and Northern Virginia population dig out from underneath the record setting snow storm that got dropped on our laps (this author spent an hour digging his car out of a parking spot), something disturbing has popped up...

Yesterday afternoon during the storm's epic peak, a large group of people gathered in the Logan Square area on U street for a massive snow ball fight. We were able to watch some video, and our only thoughts were... why the hell aren't we in town?! Unfortunately, the snowball fight took a bad turn when a DC police officer drew his weapon. SERIOUSLY?!?

Oh yes...

Now we can understand being slightly unhinged during this situation. The storm was terrible, it has caused delays and closing all over the area, and a giant pain in the ass for emergency services, BUT YOU PULLED YOUR GODDAMN GUN AFTER BEING HIT WITH A SNOWBALL!

DC police is currently investigating the incident. Until then, Rustbelt Tip O' the Day: Never bring a gun to a snowball fight.

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