Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Steelers Preview 1.5: Quarterback Coach

Mar promised you wouldn't have to put up with further Steelers nonsense until we broke down the draft and attempted to put together what the team needs. He lied. News out of P-tahn is that quarterbacks coach Ken Anderson retired today. This, along with the news that Bruce "yub nub" Arians may finally be shown the goddamn door, has us wondering who will step up.

For the former, we have an idea:

Now before you get all up in arms screaming about how he's still our backup quarterback just wait. Batch is 35 years old, and while there are a few quarterback's in the league playing beyond that age, it is time to start thinking about the future. We watched Dennis Dixon play in college, and after a good start in Baltimore, marred by the horrendous play calling of Arians, we find him to be quite suitable in the backup role. In fact, if good ol' Bruce had let him move more and act less like Big Ben we may have pulled out a win. Asshole...

Anyway... Batch has been a part of this team since 2002. He has been around since the days of Kordell Stewart and Tommy Maddox. Last we checked Slash is going to be working for that joke of a football league, the UFL and Maddox is... well who the hell knows.

He took Ben under his wing just as much as Bettis took Willie Parker under his, and if you don't think he has been doing the same with Dixon than you can kindly go piss up a rope. He has seen the different systems run in this town, and the man knows how to break it down for young, doe-eyed ball chuckers.

We will watch as this situation unfolds, but for now Rustbelt is officially casting its vote for Charlie Batch as the new quarterbacks coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers... You listening Art Rooney 2?!

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