Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fuck you, Ron Cook

You know what? We've temporarily transformed into a sports blog, and you're going to have to deal with it. We apologize that Steelers and Penguins talk, along with the occasional irate comment about the Pirates' front office, is a shit ton more interesting than the mundane and head-slammingly-stupid stuff going on in the news and current events department.

No, it is sports that has our attention at the very moment. And you know what else? The fact that we are in Great Depression 2.0, and amidst all of the job seekers and college grads out pounding the pavement looking for gainful employment, Ron Cook is still permitted churn out the worst sports columns in the history of man.

Not only are they generally boring, but his columns insult Pittsburgh sports fans with highbrow dickheadedness you should only be able to find at this very blog and from the lips of Mark Madden. He wrote one a few weeks ago slamming hockey fans for getting energized about a fight rather than a big win. He constantly berates Steelers fans, incessantly touting his supreme knowledge of the game over us common folk's desire to see a good football team and a good batch of coaches (a pun in there for Josh) hit the field. He repeated this offense today, in defense of Bruce Arians.

Arians is no kid -- he's 57 -- but he has kept up with the times.

He gets it.

It's hard to say that same thing about many Steelers fans. They conveniently forget that Arians' offense was plenty good enough to help the team win the championship last season, especially during a magical fourth-quarter drive in Super Bowl XLIII. But they can't wait to blame him for the failures this season, unfair as that blame is. If I received a nickel every time somebody said he needs to be more committed to the running game, I'd be a wealthy man. It's ridiculous.

Wrong, bitch. Rather than forget, we remember than Ben was in charge during that last scoring drive in the Big Dance last year. That's why Roethlisberger has such a hard-on for papa Arians, because he lets the beefcake QB call sixty percent of the plays. It's Ben who is keeping that offense in sync, not Arians.

But it doesn't matter what else we type here. It doesn't mater that Arians probably deserves getting fired, doesn't matter that Steelers fans are mad as hell about all of this. The fact is, at the end of the day, Ron Cook is still going to have a job writing a shitty sports column for a decent newspaper, and we're still going to claim to know all there is to know about the great sport of American football. Life goes on, I guess. But we're so goddamn mad at this bastard!

Again I say: Fuck you, Ron Cook.

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