Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reason #9,867,417 why I am urging Canada to annex Michigan

Our favorite quote from the article above:
One supporter screamed, "Tea party!"
I mean, come on people, does our great union really look all that different without that cesspool of idiocy, shame and this?!

Think about it.


  1. she confused Iran and Iraq yesterday, as well as mentioned Glenn Beck as a potential 2012 running mate. I used to like Alaska, at least in principle, but I'm having a hard time divorcing the state's natural beauty from the obvious idiocy of its voters.

  2. just in case reading the above comment doesn't make you want to go on a Oedipus-esque rage and stab your eyes out:

  3. Yes, please! I live in Michigan and I desperately want to be annexed. You forgot the Upper Peninsula but that's OK, we do that all the time. As long as they take the Lower Peninsula and I get socialized medicine and affordable education, I don't care what happens to the UP. They can even give Detroit to Ohio if they don't want it.