Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Britain joins the White House's war on Fox News

In a shocking parallel to military activity in the Middle East, Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown has blindly followed American leadership into yet another war; although this time with not as much imminent danger, so long as Sean Hannity's Hybrid Humvee isn't equipped with a roadside bomb.

Yes, Brown has become yet another leader of a government to criticize a Rupert Murdoch media outlet, this time going after The Sun, a British tabloid-quality news source that is more famous for exposing stories about furious ex-Beatles and their relationships than any actual journalism. But apparently, by supporting some bloke over there from the Conservative party, they did enough to piss PMGB off:

"I think the Sun tried to become a political party that day and that was a terrible mistake. And I suspect over time that their readers will think that, too."

Brown also said that media coverage has become increasingly personal: "I think that's a mistake, too. "Take my recent trip to America. I had meetings every day with Obama, about Iraq, Iran, the economy, global warming, Afghanistan, nuclear power...the journalists there knew what was happening and chose to report it differently. To call it a snub was wrong."

Unfortunately, most people in England are smarter and less batshit-paranoid-insane about their government, and thus sadly there has been little to no public reaction to Brown's comments. No tea parties, no town hall meetings, no awkwardly misspelled protest signs, no nothing.

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