Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun times in Cleveland todayyyyyyy

You know your city has a god-awful football team when a music magazine's political contributor writes an editorial about how miserable, abysmal and desolate the future of said football team is.

Such is the case of our friends over by the lake, the Cleveland Browns. Not only have they been sucking immensely since about the time the Pirates stopped winning, but in recent years they have squandered talent and have given sub-par quarterbacks starting gigs while wasting draft picks on other equally overrated quarterbacks. Matt Taibbi, one of our many man-crushes, had an interesting take on the Browns' woes, as well as their coaching choice - who he refers to as Augustus Gloop, the fat kid that drank all of the chocolate in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Jesus.
In its latest issue, the iconic music magazine stepped outside its usual arena with a harsh critique of Mangini, comparing him to Augustus Gloop, the fictional overeater in Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and calling his short coaching tenure in Cleveland "a sort of Hurricane Andrew of football mismanagement."
Although it is not mentioned in this local news blurb, Taibbi also designates the Browns as "the most fucked franchise in all of sports right now."

The issue hits the newsstand October 29, but the constant berating of all Clevelanders, luckily, needs no release date.

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