Thursday, October 22, 2009

See I got some real problems...

Like what to do tomorrow and the day after that.

Enter Patterson Hood, lead singer of Drive By Truckers. If you've heard the Truckers before we strongly endorse picking up Murdering Oscar (and other love songs). If you've never before heard this southern rock glory, go out and grab Decoration Day and Southern Rock Opera, both are clutch albums.

Hood's work on Murdering Oscar is far less intense than the songs written for Truckers. There is a intimacy in this work that is not found on the full band's albums. The album puts forth a very close setting, acoustic driven feel with dark, almost heart wrenching lyrics. Filled with steel guitar and Hood's raspy southern drawl even the country music haters (count this author among them) will enjoy this.

Find a nice preview of his work and an interview on NPR's World Cafe.

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