Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hells Ya!

Overall its been a pretty awesome year for our fair city. Superbowl, check. Stanley Cup, check. G-20, check. And while a lot of this, especially the media exposure for the G-20, has shown that we are in fact not a decaying shell of its former self like oh say Detroit, the little boy inside of me still gets a chubby when I come across a screen shot like this one...

This image is from the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 video game due out November 10th. Yes it appears that Pittsburgh is on fire. And yes those are warships sailing up the Ohio River. Still Awesome. While the developers would not comment on whether or not this is simply concept art or an actual mission in the game, it is still pretty hard. And let's all hope it is in the game. There is something about the prospect of sniping Russians from the top of Polish Hill that seems all too fun yet historically fitting.

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