Thursday, October 1, 2009

This week in censorship: Gay Penguin edition

Did you know it's Banned Books Week? Well it is.

Anyways, it seems that we here at tRBT have had a slight "Eureka!" moment regarding the psyche of some of these very strange fundamentalist ideologues. In this breakthrough discovery, we (well, someone else really) have found that it is not evolution that makes them the angriest, not healthcare, not even poor people getting some help with that whole living thing. It is the overall concept of gay penguins.

Yes, it appears that of all the books that have been requested by parents, churches or that asshole from Growing Pains to be banned, the number one spot belongs to none other than And Tango Makes Three, a children's story about a family of male penguins. Big no-no among the saved.

The sodomite penguins are trailed by His Dark Materials, a story that has a Catholic-esque church as the sort-of bad guy in the story, so it is naturally requested to be banned a lot. You know, because churches have never, ever been the bad guys. Ever.

In light of this week, I'm going to read some Harry Potter. Which, by the way, made headlines of its own earlier when it was discovered that some good and faithful stewards in the Bush Administration decided against giving J.K. Rowling a U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom a few years ago because her books "promoted witchcraft."

Let's all do a slow clap for America. Who wants a drink?

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