Friday, October 23, 2009

I almost made it through an entire post without swearing

Remember that douche with a bow tie from CNN's Crossfire? The guy that Jon Stewart decimated on the air, which resulted in the cancellation of the program and the mass exodus of its hosts to other 24-hour news networks?

His name is Tucker Carlson, and his straw man arguments against the left are - surprise! - inching toward the Ann Coulters of the world in recent days, primarily due to the fact that lately some White House staffers - who ironically, are liberal Democrats, I know, shocker - have been a bit critical of Fox News.

Tucker's take on the matter is a bit different. He thinks that, since Fox has a view slightly different than the White House's perspective, the Obama Administration is attempting to criticize and discredit them.

This is all, in minds similar to Tucker's, a blatant attempt to make an example out of Fox in order to shush any future dissent to Obama's agenda. It has nothing to do with Fox's credibility as a news organization, since the only people who claim it has any are beyond our - and certainly the White House's - help.

In his conclusion, Tucker issues a warning to those journalists who seem to be turning the other cheek to this unwarranted hostility from the White House:
Which is something the White House press corps ought to keep in mind as it stands by in silence while Fox is bullied: Your politics won’t save you. You’ll be next.
Unfortunately for Tucker, those who are standing in silence know that bullshit fear mongering and empty anti-progressive rhetoric might fly with Greta Von Susteren, but it is undoubtedly of no value to rational human beings looking for real news.

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