Wednesday, April 22, 2009

College Educated

Since this is my first posting on the Fox News of leftist blogs (total bias and complete spin) I would like to give a good ol' fashioned political rant.

Obamamania, the lovely couple of months where our main man Barack Obama could kick a puppy on the White House lawn and still maintain ridiculously high approval ratings, seems to be coming to an end. While even I was aware that such a love affair couldn't last forever, I am dismayed by the voices of dissent coming from the lowest 25% of American intelligence. That is right folks, I am speaking of none other than the Tea Parties!

Ah the Boston Tea Party. A great moment in the history of our country. Where our colonial ancestors, oppressed with taxes by a King that did not see fit to include them in his government rose up to declare this is not right, there must be a change. What a thoughtful and effective political statement. Now lets flash forward to 2009 where we have just had an ELECTION people. Where the TEA PARTY crowd (those who think Palin was the second coming of Christ herself) can hardly contain their lack of historical understanding as well as the actual policies of the man who recently beat the shit out of them in the recent general election. Almost all of the people at these tea bagging fests will in fact receive a tax break. Unless Donald Trump and Bill Gates attended one, but I doubt it.

I present to you exhibit 1 and 2. Now I can't lie, when I was in college I may or may not have referred to Bush as a fascist from time to time. The man did in fact take away some constitutional rights and had people tortured, in many cases to death, but that's all in the past right? But the fact is that Bush and republicans are on the "right" side of the political spectrum. Hitler was on the far far right. Democrats are on the left, Lenin and Stalin were on the far far left. Will somebody please tell these people the dramatic difference between communism and fascism? You can't pick both people, just go with the communist sign. It levels things out; we already claimed Hitler for Cheney. Granted the hammer and sickle for the O is kind of cute, some serious brain power went into making that comparison. Gold star for you!

Now I am not going to turn this into a research paper, but one quote from this article on BBC News really got me pissed. (Please people check out the BBC, it seems they report relevant information) One poster complained that "American taxpayers are the Jews for Obama's ovens". Really people? Really? Now if anyone actually reads this I do not want you to think that I am against political rally's. I in fact support what these tea baggers are doing. Our nation was founded on dissent and is in my opinion one of the most patriotic things you can do. But if you are going to protest the government, put a little more thought into it. Don't make the comparison between a legitimate protest during the revolution and today where you live in a representative government. *Note when liberals protested things like water boarding, some actually were water boarded. Now that's ballsy.

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