Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Putting His Foote Down

This has been a long time coming...

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh Steelers inside linebacker, Larry Foote, will be released sometime within the next week.

"It was my doing," Foote told the Post-Gazette. "I wanted to go. They were trying to trade me.'' Foote has one year left on his contract that was scheduled to pay him a salary of $2,885,000 in 2009.

Anyone following the Steelers for the past year, and especially leading up to that recent Super Bowl win (huzzah!) understand that this is nothing new. Larry has said he does not want to take a pay cut and wants to play as a full time starter. That's great and all, but it isn't going to work on this team. Not with Lawrence Timmons waiting anxiously behind you on the depth chart to pimp slap any would be ball carriers that attempt to cross the line of scrimmage.

This isn't a bad thing, and while Foote has been a solid starter since 2004, it is his time to move on. The Rooneys and all others involved with this organization would keep him if it was necessary, but in reality dropping his cap number in favor of the younger, faster and stronger Timmons is just smart business.

Foote will be seen again, just not in Black & Gold. Thank you for your time sir... you've done well.

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