Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Despite the magic bullet theory, Arlen is a pretty good guy.

The republican world today was rocked by the announcement that one of their own, Arlen Specter, has jumped ship and has now plans on joining the liberal gay loving hordes that will undoubtedly descend upon the country, take their guns, ban country music, piss on the statue of liberty, and replace their old outdated religion with a new one.....science! Sorry, I was simply predicting the rant Limbaugh will bless the airways with tomorrow morning. And I see Sean Hannity already has a stimulating conversation going on his website. (At the time of this post, there was only one post. One BillyM 2007 is glad to see him go.)

Ok Billy, let me rap with you for a little bit here. Even if Specter is defeated in the 2010 election, which is possible because lets face it kids, outside of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia this state gets a little scary. But we still have over a year till we have to worry about that. In the meantime however, Specter's new enlightenment can only mean one thing for the already retreating Republican Party; they are only one vote away from pissing in a volcano so to speak. By that I mean I mean Al Franken will most likely take office in June once all that shit in Minnesota gets straightened out. (Come on now its been six months, Democrats lost the general election with more grace than you did Senator Coleman.) Once he gets to Washington that will give the Democrats 60 members in the senate. Last time I checked that is a filibuster proof majority. Rush Limbaugh himself could not stop the Democrats from doing what they want when they want to do it.

But lets be real people. Despite my sarcasm about the Democrats coming to take your guns and your religion and whatnot, it's not going to happen. While the Democrats will have a easier time getting their agenda across there are still "liberals" out there that are pro gun and very religious. Central Pennsylvania, your guns and religion are safe, so you can go fuck your sheep with with a clear mind tonight despite your loss.

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