Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Global warming = Big Brother = night squads using stealth to break into your house at night and strangle your children so they can't produce CO2.

And once again, we learn that big government is evil.

According to Congressman Radanovich (Guess which political party, CA), this whole Global Warming initiative is just a front to funnel money in from all the Joe the Plumbers, Hockey Moms and Joe Six-Packs out there.

The entire premise behind a cap and tax energy proposal is to punish those who produce, thereby punishing those who consume, which by my quick math amounts to everyone in the United States. Unfortunately, the sadistic nature of radical environmentalism is the disproportionate impact on the poor. While there are some families in this country who can afford to be burdened by a $3,128 energy tax—the vast majority cannot.

You're exactly right, Congressman. If Americans waste as much CO2 as you do every day fumbling and bumbling around real issues while vomiting your rhetorical banter, the ice caps would be gone and Pittsburgh wouldn't be 40 degrees right now.

I'm also not so sure you are the right guy to be talking about the poor, what with the whole California legislator thing going for you - you know, in a district that is 75.5% white, the median income is a comfy (for rural Cali) $50,000.00 and 60% of the jobs are white collar.

Just Sayin'

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