Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The Rustbelt Tramp would like to welcome you to a new arena for our leftist political banter, biased insight towards all things Pittsburgh sports, and anything else we feel like sharing with the three people who are going to consistently check this (two of them being contributors to this blog).

As a sort-of disclaimer, and also for nostaligia and time-killing's sake, allow me the liberty to provide a brief background on these shenanigans:

It all started, as all things in Pittsburgh do, downtown, where one young man was getting fed up with people bugging him on Facebook every time he posted an open letter to Ed Rendell or a response to the tea-bagging that flooded our airwaves and he decided the only way to piss people off without beckoning an opposing response was to start a blog. What was that? People can still publish comments on our posts here? Yeah.......? Well, fuck it, we already did the paperwork for this bad boy so it looks as if we are riding it until the wheels fall off.

Anyways, he then aligned the nation's three greatest writers, thinkers and recreational drug users with him to form an allegiance that was, to quote the fearsome foursome, "a little better than your average blog, a SHIT TON better than CNN!"

So now the four young men are stuck between boredom and elitism, and are probably going to make fun of your mom, your political beliefs and your favorite sports team (if they are not from Pittsburgh) along the way.