Thursday, April 23, 2009

So this is what Germany felt like in '45

Speaking of letting people do shit, America: you have no right to be pissed about this. Are you really surprised that this came out now? We all knew it was a matter of time. For 8 years we let it happen and the most we ever did was start an open debate about whether waterboarding was torture; half of you probably perceived that it was a recreational sport (this guy seems to be in the right position, anyway). The pants-shitting going on in the media right now is making us good blue-staters look bad. All we did was vote for Gore and Kerry - we didn't sign off on torture like our appointed/elected leaders did. So put them on trial and stop reminding me it happened, because we all knew then and we didn't do anything.

And why wouldn't they torture innocent people? How else could we find all those terrorists threatening 'Merican soil? It's not like we can walk into Afghanistan or Iraq clinking glass bottles together, beckoning all ill-willed Islamic fundamentalists to come out and play:

Now that's one hell of a foreign policy idea. Alert Secretary Gates immediately.

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