Friday, April 24, 2009

Mayor Ravenstahl = Joker, The NRA = Animal Mother

And man is Animal Mother pissed. Turns out our favorite gunslingers are not too privy on Mayor Luke's notion that a good way to stop guns from getting into the wrong hands is "compelling" gun owners to report the loss or theft of their firearms to law enforcement within 24 hours of becoming aware that the weapon is missing.
The NRA, in its 19-page complaint in Common Pleas Court, wrote that the ordinance "severely restricts and/or infringes" the individuals' "ability to possess firearms in their own home for personal protection and business purposes and further constitutes an unreasonable search."
Business purposes? I don't know of any businesses that really need a gun other than the ones that involve killing someone. And if you are legally allowed to do that, I think you would want the police to know the item that you fire at humans is missing and is now probably in the hands of someone more dangerous with it than you.

And I do guess that if you have a gun that is not registered, so you have an illegal gun, and it gets stolen and you have to call the cops and let them know that you and the guy who who stole your gun broke the law, that too creates a problem for lovers of freedom everywhere. And you know that will lock up some of your best ammo purchasers: who's going to get a gun permit when it's more American to show everyone your constitutional right to be a badass?
It quotes state law that bars municipalities from regulating the "ownership, possession or transportation of firearms."The complaint asks for an injunction to prevent enforcement, followed by a decision declaring the ordinance unconstitutional, and payment by the city of the plaintiffs' attorney fees and costs of litigation.
Wait a minute, NRA, you've got a point there; it is against state law for a municipality to regulate the ownership, possession or transportation of firearms. And, you know, the guy breaking into your house and stealing your gun is, on a technicality, physically moving your gun from one place to another. And by stealing the gun, regardless of the legality of that action of course, he or she then in fact possesses a gun. So you've got that going for you, which is nice.

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