Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Call Christian Bale. The machines are coming.

This little blue-eyed fella might look innocent to you. In fact, "Andy Roid" over here might even classify as cute to some of you folks who don't enjoy the brassiness or the homoerotic energy pouring from C-3PO. But the truth of the matter is, Andy was sent here to kill you and your parents.

Like the Roomba, Andy is the next step towards the enslavement of the human race. Before long we will all be speaking in binary, administering oil baths and worshipping a giant Hal 9000 replica that we were forced to build.

Still don't believe me? You can visit the Carnegie Science Center on June 13th to witness firsthand the Robot Invasion. The Science Center will be opening "the world's largest and most comprehensive permanent robotics exhibition." (you can read this PG article for additional details)

Get ready for the invasion. Because, you know, if the machines never take over, the gays will. So prepare yourselves.

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  1. What if the robots were gay? Then we would all be really boned...Excuse the pun.