Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear record industry,

- The Pirate Bay -

Those silly Swedes seem to really want to piss off every executive involved with the music and movie industry. According to the BBC, the creators of every tools favorite torrent site, TPB have created a video streaming site. Now you can watch that copyright infringed porn as you see fit.

While The Video Bay is not yet up and running, you can sneak a peek at what the site will look like when it goes live. The creators have also said that this is an experimental website and as such it will have its fair share of hiccups and all out shitting-the-bed sessions.

The best part about all this? The gents that began this site were found guilty of copyright infringement and face a year in jail and fines reaching $4.5 million. Somehow I think the ad revenue generated from their two sites will take care of that pretty quickly.

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