Thursday, June 18, 2009

tRBT's Man of the Year: Nominee #1

No freakin' idea how we missed this. Our respect level for this man just quadrupled. One of us just soiled ourselves; okay, it was me.

Are you aware that Jon "JB" Burton, beloved bald Pittsburgh Sports anchor and an overall funny guy, is no longer on WTAE?

Were you, like us, wondering where that smiley guy went off to? Another news station, perhaps?

Well you, like us, were wrong. JB got laid off - WTAE, like everyone else, was suffering losses and had to cut some folks. Tough economic times legitimately blow.

So what did JB do? Pimp slap Sally Wiggin? Run off with Mike Clark's wife? Sexually harass Wendy Bell (you know you would)?

Hell, no. None of those are manly enough for JB. That man said screw it and started wrestling.
On his situation, Burton says:
"It's tough, but a lot of people got it a lot worse than me," he said. "I was treated great by Channel 4."Burton became the Brass Knuckles champion within a few months of in-ring action. He says McKeesport, in particular Jacob Woll Pavilion, is a great place to wrestle.
WOW. Jon Burton equipped with brass knuckles. Need I say more? Man of the year candidate, no doubt.

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