Thursday, June 18, 2009

That's 'Sir' Mario to you, bitch.

From our Mountie friends up north comes this footage of Buries It becoming Sir Buries It.

No word on what Ted Leonsis is going to say about it on his blog, but I bet you it'll read something like, "This is what Mario Lemieux being knighted means to the Capitals; absolutely nothing. We are not the Penguins, so stop asking me about diggity damn I love me some Luisiana Licker sauce!!! I'M TED LEONSIS AND I'M RIDING A BOLT OF LIGHTNING!! WOOOOO!!!"

We knew Lemieux was a class act the minute he won back-to-back Stanley Cups, bought the team and brought them out of bankruptcy and certain relocation, maintained their presence in Pittsburgh despite the lack of help from local government and the NHL alike and then got a new arena built, but now he's on an entire different level. Congrats, good sir. You absolutely deserve it.

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