Monday, June 15, 2009

Well, there's good news and bad news, folks...

We were way too into what was going on in Pittsburgh, then Detriot, then Pittsburgh, then Detriot and then what was going on back in Pittsburgh to know that this went down Friday.

The good : the glass-lined breweries of Old Latrobe, PA will once again be filled with delicious, PA-brewed beer.

The bad: Iron City, or as it is pronounced here, Ahrn-City, will no longer be brewed in Pittsburgh.

The reason: immense unsettled debt that was accrued after the Pittsburgh Brewing Company, poorly managed but faithfully purchased and consumed for years, owed the city, county and urban development authority millions and millions of, well, "dawwers."

The silver lining of this is that it's going to Latrobe. This will sew up the hearts of everyone in Westmoreland County who lost faith in God, the economy and the time-honored tradition of getting shithoused on locally-brewed beer when Rolling Rock, the pride and joy of Pittsburgh's hilly neighbor, was bought out by an evil global conglomerate and then sold from said evil conglomerate to another, Anheuser-Bush, which recently merged with the aforementioned global beverage conglomorate. Are you confused?

Of course, the not-so-silver lining of this is a glaring example of how a company can squander public investment. This better not happen with GM, Citigroup, Bank of America, AIG, Fanny May, Freddy Mac, Wells Fargo and everyone else receiving a bailout. Because that would royally suck.

Either way, we're looking forward to buying our first case of the Western PA hybrid beer. Let's hope the glass-lined tanks remove a little bit of the, how can I euphemize this, edge off the beer. Maybe we'll actually drink IC when that happens, rather than opting straight to IC Light like we currently do.

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