Thursday, June 11, 2009

And they're getting crazier and crazier

As you all may know by now, the fourth murder with political undertones this year occurred yesterday. Also, as you may be aware of, the guy who did it was a fucking lunatic, as are all people who go out of their way to murder people - especially when doing so in, you know, museums.

And what might have been glaringly obvious, sadly, is. The guy who did this was another right-wing ultraconservative gun nut with a hankerin' for anti-Semitism.
James Wenneker von Brunn spent much of his adult life on the seething fringes of racial politics, fulminating about blacks and blaming Jews for everything from communism and syphilis to the "hoax" of the Holocaust.
We understand that we're a little harsh on our conservative friends, to say the least. But when shit like this keeps happening, you have to raise a few eyebrows. If this was an isolated event, it certainly would not be provoking us to fidget a little. But after that crazy ass guy shot George Tiller and that other crazy ass white guy went and ruined an entire city's April, we've gotta raise a few eyebrows at the far right, which, despite their apparent correctness in everything they do, is certainly making waves and discrediting themselves fairly worse than the far left.

Hell, even Shep's freaked out at his own viewers:

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