Sunday, June 28, 2009

In memoriam

We are all stunned.

It's been a rough week. Work has actually forced some of us to actually do our shit and not blog, hockey season is over and we're in the hopeless beginning of July when it seems there is no end to the embarrassment that is the Pirates' season in sight.

Farrah Fawcett was blah, I mean at one point she was a major babe and was talented, we guess. None of us are real hardcore Charlies' Angels fans, at least not publicly.

MJ was pretty tough, even though during his twilight years he touched young boys. Find a more solid album than Thriller. If you said My Chemical Romance, jump off of the nearest bridge.

Ed McMahon was kind of a blah, but not for our older readers (if there are any).

But not this. Why now, God? Why take Billy from the Rocks away at the zenith of his career?

This is unreal. We have no words. Aside from being wildly entertaining to watch, Billy Mays was from the 'Burgh. Billy Mays showed up on DVE a lot and was hilarious. This sucks enormously.

All we have left are memories made of the "SAME AIR THAT YOU BREATHE!!!" and citrus-smelling tears. And videos like this one:

This shit sucks.

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