Monday, June 15, 2009

The Rustbelt Tramp on location: Stanwix Street

Some of you may be wondering where the hell this "Stanwix Street" is located. If you must ask then you probably don't live in Pittsburgh and may god have mercy on your soul.

Anyway... Today we were able to watch Lord Stanley's gleaming chalice return to its rightful home in the City of Champions. A Super Bowl in February and a Stanley Cup in June... does it really get any better? From our position within the mob of Penguins fans that invaded the downtown zombie fortress area, we were able to get some shots of the crowd, the team and the big shiny bowl.

Please refrain from getting too pissed about the quality as we were a good 30 yards from the stage.

Why the FUCK did all these people think they could stand in front of us?!?!
How pissed is NBC that the Pens showed the end of Game 7 on Mario's TV... OH THE BAD MEN!!!
Far right of the picture: Buries It with Dupes... All bow before our lord and hockey savior...
All the boys with the greatest trophy in all of sports... Glorious.

Go Pens.

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  1. motherfucker, i was 100 yds up that street, WAY TO CALL JACKASS