Friday, July 3, 2009

Awesome Post-Gazette blunder

What's wrong with this headline?

Penguins sign Sewickley native Bill Guenin

Now, if you're thinking "so effing what Mar, they misspelled Bill Guerin's last name, get off the PG's nads already," you're barking up the wrong tree. If you're texting your friends right now freaking out that you were the first to learn the trivia that Billy G is actually from Sewickley, stop: you're about to make yourself look like a massive tool. Not that you aren't already seen as one, if you're reading this.

There actually is no Bill Guenin from Sewickly, his name is Nate Guenin, and he has the unfortunate case of having a very similar name to a beloved Penguin winger. He's 26 and is a defenseman, though it is unknown whether or not he was signed to replace Rob Scuderi. Judging by the fact that we just read his name for the first time right now, probably not.

Regardless of Guenin's talent, we see the, ahem, lazier sports writers and journalists screwing up Nate's and Bill Guerin's names all season long, so stay posted for more of these.

**UPDATE** The PG fixed their typos. We knew it - they're keeping tabs on us. Good job fixing your article, Dave Molinari - those of us who were up before noon (rule out Ryan, Matt and Andrew from this blog) know that you half-assed that article.

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