Thursday, July 9, 2009

So long Stan

We're a couple days behind on this due to the sheer laziness chaotic schedule of this author. According to Bob Smizik's blog, beloved Pittsburgh sports talk host Stan Savran will no longer be on the air. Apparently Fox Sports Network Pittsburgh, in their infinite fucking wisdom decided that the fine yinzer's of this area would no longer like to hear the dulcet tones and words of sheer brilliance coming from one Mr. Savran's golden mouth... OK we may be going a bit too far, but if you watch his show, this news should piss you off pretty badly.

For those of you who feel their life will not be complete without a little Savran on Sportsbeat in their life, well we can't replace it. You can however find Stan on ESPN 1250 from 10am til noon alongside his former Sportsbeat partner Guy Junker.

So long Savran on Sportsbeat, and Stanley... you will be missed.

March 11, 1991 - July 7, 2009

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