Thursday, July 30, 2009

Best fire that destroyed an 1600's-era Pirate ship replica ever

These are not action shots of the new Pirates of the Carribbean film, which we have been told is going to be titled Redundan-sea. They are pictures of a circa-1650's replica merchant ship from the Dutch East India Company totally engulfed in fire. It was docked in Den Helder, the Netherlands. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Courtesy of BBC's day in pictures:

Of course this chick in the Netherlands has dreds.
Damned pot-smokin' hippies...

RIP Prins Willim. Say hi to Saint Pete in pirate ship Heaven.

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  1. I smoked pot today, and what say you dog? are ye savvy with sander? we'll aye.. be not nore shall i be, a scoundrel.
    and as for ye..
    though the course between us may have flowed apart..
    rivers always reach the sea.
    ps.. arrg