Friday, July 10, 2009

Buccos lookin ahead...and across the border..

I could not find an official release on the Pirates Website. But this was on their official Facebook page in my news feed. Half the things that are on the Facebook never show up on the official site (surprise surprise with the pirates...)

Anyways here is what it said. feast your early afternoon lunch break eyes on this...

The Pirates have announced the signings of six international free agents. Here's the list, with a brief comment from Director of Latin American Scouting Rene Gayo about each player.
  • OF Pedro Lara, 16, Dominican Republic: "Pedro has a medium frame with an athletic build -- similar to a young Moises Alou. He is also agressive and competitve on the field and profiles to be an above-average hitter with power potential. He has speed on the bases and exhibits the instincts, athleticism and arm to be a special player in the outfield."

  • 3B Roberson Valdez, 16, Dominican Republic: "Roberson has solid body control and is an instinctive hitter who has a natural stroke with projectable power."

  • 2B Alen Hanson, 16, Dominican Republic: "Hanson is an athletic middle infielder with a very projectable body and an upbeat attitude. He projects to have a number of above-average Major League tools. Alen is a line drive hitter who sprays the ball around the field with some extra base power."

  • LHP Orlando Castro, 17, Honduras: "Orlando profiles to be a future starter. He is a three-pitch pitcher (fastball, curveball, changeup) who projects to have solid command of his fastball and above-average off-speed offerings. He has a medium build with room to mature."

  • SS Carlos Esqueda, 17, Mexico: "He is an impressive athlete with outstanding makeup. A dedicated, no fear player who loves the game and competes with a championship attitude. Carlos projects to be a solid Major League shortstop. He is quick, smooth, and has good instincts on the field. He is aggressive on the basepath and with physical maturity, should develop average speed."

  • RHP Richard Montilla, 17, Panama: "Montilla is a solid athlete with room for physical maturity. He is a battler -- very competitive and confident on the mound. Richard profiles to be a future starter with the potential for an above-average fastball and curveball."
Who knows. maybe one of these fine teens will develop into a decent player, ya know once they're done with puberty. And hopefully if they do become something good, we won't trade them away like we do other awesome players. So to all other disgruntled Pirates fans... keep your head up, we may be the worst organization in the MLB (maybe all sports) at the moment, but we can't be the worst forever. Besides it could be worse... we could be from Ohio... ::shudder::

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