Friday, July 31, 2009

We're not a sports blog

But man does Sean Burnett hate Pittsburgh. To the Post-Gazette, on his trade along with Nyjer Morgan (another fan favorite) to the Nationals:

"It's funny, but Nyjer and I knew this was going to happen," Burnett said last night from Milwaukee, shortly after hearing that the Pirates continued their trading binge by sending away John Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny. "They're the laughingstock of baseball right now. They've gotten rid of everybody. They won't keep anybody around. Some of the guys here, they don't understand it, but Nyjer and I knew this was coming."

What I keep telling the guys here is that the hardest part is that Pittsburgh, as a sports town, is unbelievable," Burnett said. "With what the Steelers and Penguins have done, they're dying for a winner in baseball, too. They're dying to cheer the Pirates on. And now, they don't have anybody they even know. Guys like Jack and Freddy, the faces of the franchise, players they're supposed to be locking up, they're all gone. What's going to bring people to the ballpark now?"

Agreed, good sir. Agreed. Perhaps your mediocrity on the mound contributed to your own trade, but we agree nonetheless. As for the fans, maybe they'll come for the only real competition left at the ballpark:

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