Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keeping the (green)peace by causing some unrest


(headline should read "activists arrested for trying to make a difference and caring about our world" but that would be too long.)

Greenpeace proves once again to be one of the most badass environmentalist groups out there! (except this guy... he was so badass he got booted out of Greenpeace, but don't worry he is making a huge effort to defend the earth from assbag japanese whalers!) These activists climbed the mountain (don't worry they did so by using the existing anchors placed by the NPS for cleaning, so there should be no damage [interesting that it is a concern when the site is essentially a completely destroyed mountain side to begin with]) and unfurled a banner beside good old Abe's giant visage urging Obama to get his shit together on Global Climate Change. The banner read "America Honors leaders, not politicians. Stop global warming!" and had a picture of President Obama.

I give them a well deserved salute. Way to get out there and not leave the problem to just stew. True they broke a law by trespassing and hanging a banner... but ya know.. once the environment is gone, there will be no need to go to Mount Rushmore, cuz we'll all be dead. Besides, I've been there and pictures are good enough, not worth the trip so much. However, South Dakota in general is pretty excellent. (hello Black Footed Ferret!)

So way to go Greenpeace, please keep up the good work. I also encourage a little civil disobedience from our dedicated (5) followers. Get out there and shake up the system for a cause!

And if you don't believe this stuff is happening... well then you're a republican... enough said.

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