Friday, July 24, 2009

Riceboy Sleeps

Somewhere in the deep recesses of tRbT fandom is someone who like this author is a giant fan of Sigur Ros... maybe? No? Well fuck it read on anyway.

From Jónsi Birgisson, singer and guitarist of Icelandic awesomeness Sigur Ros and his partner, artist and musician Alex Somers comes Riceboy Sleeps. This 9 song, 98-minute long side project is pure instrumental bliss. For those of you who feel that music does not always need lyrics to accompany... take a few minutes and at least check out the first song, Happiness.

While Riceboy lacks the lyrics (whether they be Icelandic or Hopelandic) of say njósnavélin (the nothing song) or Sæglópur it makes up for it with Jónsi's ability to make ambient rock masterpieces.

Give it a try and if you haven't yet, go give Sigur Ros a shot... They're no Jonas Brothers I know, but you may end up liking them.

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