Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another great idea from our friends on the saved side

I really have to stop reading the news; I would get so much more done at work if I didn't spend half of my day curled up in fetal position and crying about how abominably idiotic people are.

Speaking of fetal position, check out this fresh new idea from some pro-life upstart who is surprisingly hot:

Great idea, except for the fact that pretty much every medical procedure known to man would make people sick if it were done in a public square. For example, although I like drooling over the end product, I bet you Carrie Prejean's boob job wasn't exactly the most fun to watch.

Now that I think of it, neither would a baby being born - hey, there's an idea! Maybe if we start having women give birth on every public square, people would get sick of it and make having kids illegal - thus lowering the probability that one of them is going to grow up to be as obtuse as this canonical haranger.

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