Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Your daily reminder to go get wasted

In the past we have told you, dear reader(s?) that if you get hammalammed, you are doing a great service to your brain and its battle with dementia.

Today, we bring the you the good news that you're less likely to die from brain trauma following a head injury if you have booze in your system.

Experts cautioned people should not interpret the findings as an excuse to drink more alcohol.

The amount of alcohol consumed appears to be important - too little and there is no effect, too much and the beneficial effects are lost, studies on animals suggest.

Experts believe the right dose of alcohol, however, stops the cascade of swelling, inflammation and further destruction of brain cells, known as secondary brain injury.

Okay, we get it, you're not supposed to get completely annihilated in hopes that when you fall down the stairs later you won't die, but still - if the amount of alcohol in your blood stream is important, and alcohol's effect on each person is unique, we're going to experiment with this one. What do we have to lose? It's not like we're going to work tomorrow anyway.

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