Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Please don't remind me of all the awful things you have done, Condy...

Why does Condoleezza feel the need to be the next disgraced former White House administrator to come out and criticize the policies that are attempting to reverse the enormous blunders committed during the years Bush trusted these very people with the function of our government?

And, more importantly, just like Cheney before her, why is she using fear and empty threats of terrorism to perpetuate a policy that - oh yeah - failed?

She offered sharp words for Democrats in Congress who want President Obama to begin making plans to pull out of Afghanistan, a war that is becoming increasingly unpopular with the American public.

"The last time we left Afghanistan, and we abandoned Pakistan," she said, "that territory became the very territory on which Al Qaeda trained and attacked us on September 11th. So our national security interests are very much tied up in not letting Afghanistan fail again and become a safe haven for terrorists.

"It's that simple," she declared, "if you want another terrorist attack in the U.S., abandon Afghanistan."

No, 'Leeza, it's not that simple. Just like how the clusterfuck of death that is the Middle East is not that simple. And despite how smart you allegedly are, you and your fellow Bushies ran your little unilateral, shock-and-awe, go balls-out and show your teeth foreign policy right into the middle of a roadside bomb, and Barack's crew has been left to mop the leftover human debris.

Don't use the rhetoric you used to get us into Iraq in the first place to try and keep us in Afghanistan now. I'm not saying you have no say in any of this, but...yes, I am saying that you should most certainly not have any say in this.

In other words:

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