Monday, September 21, 2009

Liberal in the middle of a Radical Shitshow

Hello all. Yeah I am back. After a long hiatus due to Graduate School and a slight substance abuse problem, after having witnessed a flight of military attack helicopters buzz Oakland and after dreaming of Glenn Beck goose stepping down every American main street singing God Bless America, it is time for my return from hiatus.

This is a good old fashioned rant. It won't be flashy, there probably won't be a picture and there will most likely be no linked websites. Frankly I'm lazy, and at work. Besides a quick Google search will easily give you the main link to anything that I am bitching about. Let us start with the G-20. The initial holy shit this is pretty cool warm and fuzzy feelings have given way to the holy shit there are some crazy nut jobs coming here. This is a pretty big deal for our city. The first G-20 to be held outside of a host nations capital. Pittsburgh!? Yes bet your asses Pittsburgh. Suck it Detroit. The international media will finally get to see this city for what it has become, not what it was. At the same time, I am apprehensive excitement for the week to come. I have accepted the fact that at some point I will probably call a protester a jag off. Will I protest? No, some people actually are pretty alright with a more globalized world. Will I get teargassed? Maybe, it would make for one hell of a story. Am I worried that something really bad will happen? Not really. Knowing that this place is basically on lock down, while a hassle, insures that we will all be here on Saturday to talk about it. But these protesters, yes they have every right to protest. Do I think they are idiots, for the most part yes. Mainly you anarchists and anti-capitalists. Get over it. If you are an anarchist and someone organized a march, guess what you have something that resembles leadership. Big hole in your logic don't you think? Anti-capitalists, it doesn't work in practice. Read a history book.

Second item of contention; Tea Parties. President Carter has called those people protesting President Obama's policy's as racists, a claim that the administration was quick to distance themselves from. But are they racists. For the most part, yes. Face it, white people are still afraid of the better educated black man. I have personally met many people that did not vote for him because of the color of his skin. If you can intelligently explain to me why you oppose health care reform, great. You are part of the mall majority that understands socialists policies from Nazi policies.

Then there is Glen Beck. The man who has tirelessly been running into packed Unemployment Offices, Klan rallies, and Country Clubs screaming fire since January has now unveiled his 9/12 project. Really? You want America to feel the way we did the day after the attacks. Personally I was scarred as hell and ready to follow any leader, regardless of IQ or party into the great unknown....later Iraq. Lets not forget that the weeks following 9/12 were full of blind patriotism. We essentially wrote the Bush administration a blank check of our personal freedoms. warrant-less wiretaps, torture and lets forget due process of the law. Alright Glen, why would you oppose our government. The Dixie Chicks spoke out against Bush and their carriers were virtually ended. Why because they have Freedom of Speech? Now that you speak out against your government you are being patriotic. Where is the hypocrisy in that? You and your "patriotic" tea party members should follow your own advice and just pack up and go home. Trust your democratically elected government. Don't question it. After all no one questioned/protested the patriot act. Those who protested it and or the war were labeled as unpatriotic and dangerous . Sucks when you lose an election huh? Fair and balanced my ass.

(Yes this rant was poorly organized and frankly not that good. I still have a lot to do to make up for my long hiatus. Hope this is a start...........Rush Limbaugh can suck it too.)

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