Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You better hope he doesn't turn into the Power Morpher with Dragon Power Coin in the Octagon

Remember this badass man who rocked your childhood, Thomas "Tommy" Oliver?
"Yinz guys don't even know. Kimberly's a craaaazy freak."
Turns out Jason David Frank, the actor who played the Green friggin' Ranger in Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger decided that fighting to defend some dude's giant head preserved in a glass tube just wasn't enough; he wants to kick some ass in the MMA world.
"I was supposed to fight in 2007, but it fell through. In truth, I've wanted to put the work in until I'm ready," Frank said from the Suckerpunch website. "I know I have a target on my back. Everyone is going to want to beat up the Green Ranger. But I am no Kimbo; I've been training for a very long time.
Okay, I'm not exactly the world's biggest UFC fan, but I will watch the Green Ranger kick ass again. That is a fact. If Cable comes out of retirement and decides he wants to join Blackwater, I'll know that my wildest childhood dreams are coming true.

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