Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Reason to Never Go on a Cruise

CAUTION: The following is a vulgar display of environmentalism. If you are a member of the republican party, a travel agent, a homosexual who just can't live without an annual Gay Cruise, or anyone who would probably support the death of endangered species and loves cruises... you should turn your fragile minds away now!

I have been completely against cruises for a while now and this right here confirmed my convictions:

READ THIS... cuz I am not just gonna hand you over the details... you have to do a little fucking work sometimes too, you voyeur creeps! (BTW, thanks for reading the blog though!!)

Now I'm sure one of you uptight sour-pussy's is gonna get all pissed off and feel the need to state out loud how it clearly says that they don't know that the boat struck the whale and killed it, or if it was already dead pre-strike. So let me just get it out of the way that i don't fucking care either way. It's still disgusting. So save you're breath... or get your own blog and bitch about it there!

Now lets say it was the first option and the whale was just chillaxin out in the ocean being a badass whale and catching some food. He then decides to go up for a spectacular display of whaleism with a breach and just as he gains enough speed to make the most miraculous leap through the surface into the spotlight, BANG! fucking lights out cuz the Sapphire Princess just gave him the worlds deadliest facefuck! Now if you don't see the problem here... well then you're a stupid ass waste of human life!

So option two, Our magnificent friend, the Fin Whale, has died a Noble death like the whale kings of yore, and he is floating around doing his part in the circle of life. All is well until along comes the Sapphire Princess and she grabs hold of King Finius (i just named him) and drags him to port! Disgusting... desecration of the dead.... that's my stance, deal with it!

Here are some other problems with Cruise's (Do you're own research!) :

~ They use ballast water which contributes to
~ Invasive species
~ Dumping of blackwater and graywater which contributes to
~ Ocean pollution
~ Eutrophication
~ Anoxic zones
~ Bildge Water leaks
~ Solid waste (mostly garbage)
~ Air pollution
~ The Plowing over of ocean dwelling species which is just repulsive.

So please join in my boycott of all cruises... or you can continue to just stand for nothing.

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