Friday, August 28, 2009

How to beat dementia: get blackout drunk

If you're reading this blog, you've probably been shitfaced before, because only like six people read this and they're all our friends - so we know that you're a booze hound. Nothing wrong with that.

But you may not know that all those nights that you woke up only to find out from a friend passed out on the floor near you that you made some bad decisions, those were actually nights
you were strengthening your mind against dementia.
Data compiled from 15 international studies, including responses from more than 10,000 people, found that drinkers, not teetotallers, are better off when it comes to developing diseases affecting cognitive function.
Those aged 60 and older who consumed between one and 28 alcoholic drinks each week, were almost 30 per cent less likely to have Alzheimer's later on in life, the data found.
Light and moderate drinkers were also 25 per cent less likely to contract vascular dementia, and 26 per cent less likely to suffer from any form of dementia.
The odds improved even more when comparing just drinkers with non-drinkers and ignoring exactly how much people consumed.
If a study comes out in a few weeks linking 3AM drunken breakfast buffets from Eat 'N Park to low blood pressure, fewer gray hairs and an increased libido, we are sooooo aging well.

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  1. That is good news, especially for your 60 year old reader. :)