Monday, August 17, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 1.4

Usain Bolt can run pretty fast.
Seriously. There were rumors that Steelers had brought him to camp last year and were considering him a wide receiver candidate. As Seth Rorabaugh from Empty Netters would note, fire Dan Rooney.

Tiger Woods is a human being.
Seriously, the guy looked like Happy Gilmore out there, getting some nice drives and then falling apart on the Green. Y.E. Yang (please please please make his first name be's not...damn), a Korean golfer who had some success in his country's golf circuit, took the lead after a beautiful chip-in for an eagle. Did I just write about golf? Jesus.

In the healthcare debate, Obama might be wussing out on a public option.
Your move, teabaggers.

FOX news is not the biggest fan of our President.
Or being taken seriously. Our friends at the Huffington Post point out that the "news" organization has duly hit its stride since the election of a Democratic president and a majority in the House and Senate. I have noticed that Sean Hannity's hair has been a little more American ever since November 4th.

Penn State invented a Death Detector.
Zombies be damned! Even you:
Japan takes the Bronze medal for nations exiting their recessions.
Any chance we can get honorable mention?

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