Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chalk "potentially getting stung by a venomous insect" as another reason not to go to McDonald's

Is the obesity thing in this country not enough of a reason to keep you away from McDonald's? What about that awful feeling you get when you're done with a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese that feels like a part of you just died? Still want some McNuggets? Well, an Arizona teacher found this little badass waiting for him to reach in and grab one of those fries that always fall out of the grease-soaked cardboard thingie:

Your move, human. Take the napkin and face Deathbringer's wrath!

At least the guy was a science teacher, and stayed relatively calm about the baby scorpion found in his McDonald's bad (baby scorpions are more venomous than their elders), even showing it to his class. The authors of this blog would have just dropped to fetal position, began whimpering softly and soiled themselves.

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