Monday, August 17, 2009

Things not to do wasted

Operate a drawbridge.
The tugboat driver told police that he radioed ahead to have the bridge raised, but received no response from the operator. The driver said he then blew his horn and rang a bell when he arrived at the bridge, but still received no response.

Kyes said officers traveled to the bridge for a well-being check and found Robert E. Finn, 49, “in a state of intoxication,” at his monitoring station. Finn, who is an employee of the Boston Department of Public Works, was taken into protective custody and replaced by another bridge operator, Kyes said.
And we thought our DPW here in the 'Burgh was bad; I mean what's a couple tree branches getting sawed off and falling onto my 1989 Volvo station wagon when people are drunkenly forgetting to operate a drawbridge?

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