Thursday, August 13, 2009

Put THAT on your crumpets and eat it, bitches

In a move that was pretty much inevitable when the crazy fuckin' redneck mob began storming town hall meetings in hopes of making it on network news, our friends in the Old Empire decided it was time once and for all to give us Yankees what for. Turns out they're a little sick of said crazy people lying about their healthcare.
The criticism, widely covered in the U.K. media, has clearly stung Britain's left-leaning Labour government. The Department of Health took the unusual step of contacting The Associated Press and e-mailing it a three-page rebuttal to what it said were misconceptions about the NHS being bandied about in the U.S. media — each one followed with the words: "Not true."
You tell 'em, Labour. Show them what you've laboured over all these years, and why you should be our favourite. Maybe let them know how good your government programmes are or how nice your soccer, eh, football manoeuvres are. We just don't want to get in an arguement with you. Euro creeps.

Speaking of that godless sodmite abortionist continent of Europe, France and Germany are ahead of the US in ending the recession. And guess what both countries have? Yep; a government option in their national healthcare system.

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