Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reason 4,357 why Jerry Jones is an Awful Jackass...

Apparently when building his spankin' new $1.2 billion house o' football, Mr. Jones neglected to make sure people could punt under his big ass TV.

The Tennessee Titans felt they exposed a major flaw in Cowboys Stadium during the first football game played in the building when reserve punter A.J. Trapasso hit the gigantic HD screen that hangs over the field.

Whoops! I guess Big Jer wasn't thinking about, you know, playing football inside his shiny, new toy but instead watching re-runs of 4th and Long on the massive 160-foot long, 90-foot high video board.

To continue his infinite wisdom, Mr. Jones was quoted as saying that a punter would need to kick the ball "straight up and hard" to hit the board... Anyone else see fault in this argument or do we just not understand the art of punting as part of the regular course of a football game?

Either way this will become one of the subtle nuances of stadiums around the league. Much like attempting to kick a field goal into the open end of Heinz Field in December some things just come down to stadium design. The only difference being the Rooney's can't really raise the non-walled end of the stadium to block the wind coming down the Mon and Allegheny, but Big Jer may be able to fix this... somehow.

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