Monday, August 10, 2009

Sexy biased times: Morning edition

White House launches health tattle-tale site

It's really hard to lay off of picking on one media outlet when they are this obtuse about their news. When you go to FOX News home, you see the above headline. When you click it, the headline magically changes to White House Launches Web Site to Battle Health Care 'Rumors'.

First off, notice how the word "rumors" is in quotations; like FOX doesn't know that all of the melodramatic absurdities being vomited out of idiotic ultraconservative nutjobs who are being bussed-in to town hall meetings are rumors. To FOX, I guess, the notion that Barack Obama isn't Hitler is just a rumor, not an actual fact.

Furthermore, how asinine do you have to be to call a website that was set up by the federal government to dispel rumors a tattle-tale site? Suddenly the White House is ratting people out when they try and defend themselves from outlandish rumors which, by the way, are being perpetuated by ultraconservative groups and FOX News themselves. It's kind of like the circle of life, really.

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