Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The silver lining of baseball embarrassment

Thank you, DJ Gallo, founder of The Sports Pickle and regular ESPN Page 2 (Monsieur Thompson's old gig) contributor. While fireworks, bobbleheads and overrated, washed-up sellouts fill the stands with an audience doomed to spend another October contemplating just how far the Pirates are from legitimacy, you are sitting in the stands with your rather cultured and intelligent son citing that yes, the Pirates may be devoid of a winning season, however they are also devoid of any steroid accusations and the drama that ensues. And that, along with that last really long sentence, is commendable.

The man actually makes some decent points. Like how the Pirates were in three consecutive pennant races until the steroid era of the 90's began, and then they just stopped winning altogether. You can read the thoroughly entertaining article, written in a Socratic dialogue of sorts, here.

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