Monday, August 10, 2009

Makin' it rain on the North Shore

It just wouldn't be right, grandstanding around the internet pretending that we're king shit blog and touting Rustbelt street cred if we didn't discuss this. Rivers Casino opened up yesterday on Pittsburgh's North Shore, and no one was sentenced to eternal damnation or had spontaneously become addicted to what some people say is "the crack cocaine of casino gambling."

Esther, 76, clearly strung out on crack, gambling and Satan.

Albeit those who enter the casino risk damnation and having their life fall apart in a booze-fueled slot machine rampage, it seems like the first official day went pretty smoothly for our riverside friends. So for now, we'll chalk this up as a solid use of a brownfield site. Now stop reading this blog and go sin down at the Rivers Casino; in fact, when they bring table games to the state, you'll see a few authors of this blog down there.

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