Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pittsburghese on your iPhone

Recently we've noticed a large influx of people to this blog who are not from the greater Western PA area. While this makes us exceedingly confounded happy we feel the need to share a new application that can make your trip to Pittsburgh that much more fun.

Yes ladies and gentlemen you aren't imagining things after finishing your 3rd bucket of IC Light down on the Southside, you too can now understand what the angry bastard behind the bar at Primanti's is talking about when he you tell him you don't want fries ON your sandwich and you ask why the hell they're putting cole slaw IN it as well.

**Author's note: Should you find yourself in this situation please, leave the bar as quickly as possible and find your way out of Pittsburgh... This is for your own safety as you may have just pissed off the entire town.**

The crack team from WDVE's morning show put together a brand new little application for all the wonderful yuppie's and their iPhones, listen in as they plug it on a recent show:

There you go, now please remember to use extreme caution as this application can be a bit tricky and not all of the phrases will be exact. Do not try to use this application with law enforcement officers, city officials, Steelers fans or gitney drivers as you may be shanked and tossed into the Mon... Hey, you've been warned...

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